Aerial Photography: Castell y Bere

Aerial Photography: Castell y Bere

What a great week it has been at The Digital Musketeer HQ! Not only have we secured three more clients but we also managed to spend a stunning morning in the hills taking aerial photographs and video of a 13th Century castle.

Castell y Bere

Castell y Bere is an amazing place to spend a few hours. It is off most people’s tourist radars, so more often than not you can find yourself among the hills and wildlife without anyone else being around. I’ve visited Castell y Bere on many occasions and just like last weekend, I found myself with no one but my RPAS (Remote Piloted Aerial System, or drone, as most people know them as) to keep me company. Saying that, it was about 8am when I showed up!

The Aerial Photography Video

We hope you like the video, and please feel free to subscribe to YouTube our channel and our blog for more exciting videos. We are professional RPAS pilot and professional video editors! Only employ professionals!

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For more information and history on Castell y Bere, check out the Wikipedia page. We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog.

Hope to catch you soon for more exciting news and information.


The Digital Musketeer

The Digital Musketeer

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