Video Production

Video and video production has a massive influence over your customers, whether it be a share, like, or call to action, video has become an essential aspect to making your brand stand out in your competitive market place. Putting it simply: People love watching video! People want information quickly and watching a video is often easier and more interesting than reading a web page.

This engagement really helps your search engine rankings too…

Having a video on your webpage makes it 50 times more likely to get that page ranked on Google and visitors stay on average two minutes longer on your site – meaning you’ll get more visitors and a better chance of making them your customers.

Creative Video Production by Experts

Your team at The Digital Musketeer have a proven track record at producing beautiful and engaging marketing videos of all shapes and sizes. The team has produced hundreds of videos stretching across a wide variety of media, including: video for websites, video for social media and cinema advertising videos – See our small video production portfolio.

As well as using top of the range equipment, the video production team at The Digital Musketeer are fully certified video editors (AVID Media Composer)– so you know that you are getting the best video product for your money.

By working closely with you, we will produce you a cost-effective video that tailors your brand’s values in the most effective manner – ensuring your messages are delivered in the most engaging way possible.

Video Promotion

One thing that makes your team at The Digital Musketeer different from the other companies is that when your video is produced we will also help you promote it – what’s the point of having a video, if no one is going to see it?

Get in touch with The Digital Musketeer today and enquire about how we can help you attract more customers by using very cost effective video marketing.

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