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Sunset Bay Lifestyle

Sunset Bay Lifestyle is an online, eCommerce operation that aims to capitalise on holiday goers time spent in Welsh holiday locations. The challenge is to grow a social media presence that drives a sales funnel. Strategic KPIs are implemented to track not only engagement but the efficiency of the shopping cart experience.

Social Media - Sunset Bay Lifestyle
Social Media - Sunset Bay Lifestyle
Social Media - Sunset Bay Lifestyle

As an eCommerce business, it is vitally important to use social media along with other digital marketing strategies to ensure maximum reach and engagement. Driving customers to a shop to buy is the principal objective while providing a strong brand ethos to manage user experience is pivotal in gaining customer trust.




Communication Strategy
Content Schedules
Hashtag Monitoring
Customer Engagement
Content Creation-still/video

It has been a pleasure working with The Digital Musketeer. Their knowledge of all things digital marketing gives extra dimensions to their social media delivery. I would highly recommend them.

– Iain Patterson (Owner, Lounge Holidays)

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